About The Artist

Julian Thomas Mitchell is a full time photographer and videographer based in the Washington DC metro area. Since the summer of 2015 he has been teaching himself how to use the camera as a tool to capture moments, express emotions and create memories. Having not gone to school for visual arts, Julian used his surroundings to practice his craft. Through his lens Julian is able to create inspiring visuals that more than his mother can appreciate and grab the attention of brands by the likes of Nike, Volkswagen and National Geographic. In effort to live his best life Julian is now pursuing his photograph career at full speed by embracing all opportunities that come his way.

 What is your favorite type of photography or subject to shoot?

 I’d definitely have to say that my favorite type of photography is portraits,  and my favorite type of portrait is when I’m able to pull the personality of the person out so you can see it in the photo. So you instantly get a feel for the person and who they are when you see the photo. Sometimes that takes a series of ten photos, or sometimes you’re able to touch on it in one photo. My second favorite would be the creative projects. So, most people would love to dress up during Halloween and go out as a witch, but you probably won’t do it because you maybe afraid of what people are going to think of you.  Come to the studio. We can get you a hat and a backdrop and you dress up as a witch and scratch that itch. Don’t lose that childlike creativity because it’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding when you tap into it and allow it to blossom.

What does “Create to Inspire” mean to you?

 It’s basically the concept of 'pay it forward'. I believe that we were all given a certain talent or speciality and sometimes we deviate from it and we get caught up in the motions. If you take the time to hone in on your specialty, on what makes you you and what you have to offer to the world, and focus on it and share it with the world and inspire others, I believe that we all as a whole, live a better life. So I create these photos to share them with others and inspire them to do whatever it is that they where born to do, whether it is videography, painting ,or graphic design, do your thing and do it to the best of your ability and do it with the intent to inspire to others, to motivate others, to uplift others. 

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