About The Artist

A self-taught artist, I always feel the need to challenge myself. I painted this 16x16 canvas piece all in one day. This "untitled" piece is the fastest painting I have ever created, and one of my favorites. Most BREKO pieces takes weeks, sometimes months to complete. I began this painting like most. I cleared my mind, laid down my background colors, then started at the canvas for a while. Once that "one line" was painted, I visualized the next four to six lines, which allowed me to create my most imaginative free-flow piece. Some of my pieces are well thought out, but most are not. If you study a painting of mine long enough, you will find unusual and unexpected objects and critters within. This is my work's pulse, giving the viewer the opportunity to linger and create their own interpretation. A quick glance does not do the BREKO piece justice, nor provide the viewer the needed time to experience its sensory and interactive attributes.

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