Founded by award-winning television producer and filmmaker Myles J. Franklin, Julian Wines is quickly expanding to become one of the industry’s most celebrated new wine labels.

Led with artistic vision and business acumen, Julian Wines represents simple luxury with an emphasis on the artistic lifestyle experience. 

Since its inception in 2009, Julian Wines has focused on highlighting artists and their work across various creative mediums. In 2016, Julian Wines launched its special edition initiative, turning its labels into a canvas, giving artists a platform to showcase their work, and truly make “Every bottle, a masterpiece!”. 

Julian Wines is currently distributed online to over 30 states, and is poised to move from a regional brand to one that is nationally recognized and enjoyed.


A Toast To You

As an artist, you've opened your mind up to a world full of creative ideas; whether it's painting an inspirational sunrise, playing music to thousands of adoring fans, or telling a timeless story through the lens of a camera.

Everyday you inspire enthusiasts, changing their lives one moment - one piece - at a time. It is through them that you find inspiration. Without their support, all of your hard work is in vain.

Now that your masterpiece is complete, it's time to show it to the world and celebrate! So whether you're an artist or an inspired enthusiast, raise your glass; this is a toast to you.