Create To Inspire

Since the inception of Julian Wines, it has been important us to find ways to highlight artists and their work. With the launch of our Special Edition initiative, we've turned our labels into a canvas, giving artists a platform to showcase their work and truly make "every bottle, a masterpiece".

Now, we want to take things a step further and create an intimate atmosphere where  artists and enthusiasts can interact with each other. “The Artist Showcase” is an exhibition that does just that. Our premiere showcase on February 23, 2018 will feature DC based freelance photographer Julian Thomas and his collection, "Create to Inspire".

We recently had the opportunity to sit-down with Julian to discuss his journey as a photographer and the inspiration behind his work. 

What made you want to become a photographer? 

I would like to have a more detailed answer but I feel like photography found me. My good friend Robert had been taking pictures for awhile; this was about two years ago.

I went over his house and I think that we were going to play video games or something simple like that and he had a photo of his on the wall. It was a long exposure; I’d never seen long exposure photography before. I’d seen portraits and selfies and things you see on the internet, but long exposure was a different level of creativity.  Basically, it’s a blend of photo and video. Instead of freezing things in motion, you stretch it over five seconds. So if you have a source of light, you’ll see a light streak instead of a flashlight. That really caught my attention and my interest I asked Robert to show me how he did it and he showed me.

 For the first six months, all I did was long exposure because that's what I was interested in. Then I started to experiment  with other things like depth of field, other shutter speeds, blurring things out, all of those things. I kept doing it and started to see myself get better, then somewhere along the way, someone paid me for photos and that’s where everything changed, that’s where I said, “Oh I can be a photographer." I started off working retail, part-time jobs, for awhile, and then one day, I found the inspiration to just to do it full time. I had a really good support system:  my friends, my family, my girlfriend, everybody was supportive of it and I said, “Let’s see where this goes.” I haven’t looked back since. 

 What is your favorite type of photography or subject to shoot?

 I’d definitely have to say that my favorite type of photography is portraits,  and my favorite type of portrait is when I’m able to pull the personality of the person out so you can see it in the photo. So you instantly get a feel for the person and who they are when you see the photo. Sometimes that takes a series of ten photos, or sometimes you’re able to touch on it in one photo. My second favorite would be the creative projects. So, most people would love to dress up during Halloween and go out as a witch, but you probably won’t do it because you maybe afraid of what people are going to think of you.  Come to the studio. We can get you a hat and a backdrop and you dress up as a witch and scratch that itch. Don’t lose that childlike creativity because it’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding when you tap into it and allow it to blossom.

What does “Create to Inspire” mean to you?

 It’s basically the concept of 'pay it forward'. I believe that we were all given a certain talent or speciality and sometimes we deviate from it and we get caught up in the motions. If you take the time to hone in on your specialty, on what makes you you and what you have to offer to the world, and focus on it and share it with the world and inspire others, I believe that we all as a whole, live a better life. So I create these photos to share them with others and inspire them to do whatever it is that they where born to do, whether it is videography, painting ,or graphic design, do your thing and do it to the best of your ability and do it with the intent to inspire to others, to motivate others, to uplift others. 

Is there anything you want viewers to take away from the artwork showcased at the event ? 

If I can go from feeling lost to inspiring others, I think that it would be beneficial to viewers as they might have some idea. Do whatever your voice inside is telling you to do.  I would also just like to share the stories behind all of the photos! One of those photos is going to be the “Eclipse” photo, the story of driving twelve hours to be in the path of totality to get that photo or the “Bean” in Chicago. I don’t want to give too much away, but there are stories behind all of them. I’m willing to share them with anyone who is willing to listen, with a glass of Julian wine in our hands of course!