Sip Session with Ricky Hopkins

Music, like wine, is filled with subtle notes that paint a picture and takes listeners on a unique journey. The back label of our Chardonnay tells a story of two lovers who are drawn to each other while listening to music under the stars and enjoying a glass of wine.

“Leaning back in your chair as a smooth jazz band plays beneath the stars, you take a sip from your glass. The only thing standing between you and the person across from you is candlelight and a bottle of Julian Chardonnay. They realize it as well, so you smile and slowly take another sip. Suddenly the stars align and you are guided into a slow jazz mamba with a sweetheart.This is a perfect night for love.”

It’s unknown what song was playing in the background that brought these two lovers together, but it might have been “Skin Deep” from Ricky Hopkins’ 2015 album, “Untold Stories”.  

We had the opportunity to work with Ricky Hopkins on a music video project in 2010 while he was a member of an OC rock band. It was great to sit down and catch up with him about his career as a solo saxophonist during our debut Sip Session.